Maeve De Voe

Hello! My name is Maeve De Voe™.
I'm on 200+ radio stations, 120+ countries, and I've had 7 singles hit the Top 5 on London, UK charts {often hitting #2} since May 2022 with a total of 65+ weeks in the Top 20. I've also been on the Top 20 charts in both New York City and Toronto, Canada. I have been featured on websites in London, Paris, New York City, and more for major stations, multiple podcasts, shows, and I've worked with Grammy U Mentor Oliver Sean and WOA Entertainment Group. My singles "Li'l Drummer Boy", "Car Radio", and "Zhoosh It Up!" were #1 on the iTunes UK album charts {featured on compilation albums}. I am a client of multi-Grammy/Emmy award winning Joe D'Ambrosio Management out of New York City, and have had the privilege of partnering with Grammy award winning mixer/engineer Phil Joly on my original music.

What All I Do:

Voice Actor
Recording Engineer
Digital Artist
Fashion Designer
Product Designer
Video Editor
Full Time Princess Pop Star

Professional Opportunities:

If you have an upcoming project or would like to partner/collaborate with me for successful stand-out ventures, myself and my music are available for Global TV and Film advertising campaigns as well as online Commercials, Streaming Services, Vlogs/Blogs and other digital advertising. I own all of the rights to my music through the US Copyright Office. I would love to partner with music publishing companies, music managers, syndication directors, directors of A&R, and music libraries/boutiques.

About Me:

♡x♡I am the world's first ever Princess Pop Star: sporting a tiara/crown every day and princess clothes. I am a multi-talented performer. I do singing, dancing, {on stage and on camera} acting, voice acting, composing piano songs, producing all of my own music/beats, writing lyrics, writing books, costume design, choreographing, being active with my fans, and SO much more! I am a one girl show: everything you see on social media, in my career, and online is created/edited by me! I am 21 years old, and started college at the age of 15 to train my voice classically, with composers like Vivaldi and Handel, and to have more time for my career. I also was chosen to attend the University of Miami Frost School of Music at age 14 in 2016. On top of that, I was a Harvard student learning meteorology, and became certified with a passing grade of a perfect 100! I'm also currently studying Neuroscience online with Harvard!

My brand and image is positive, colorful, fun, family friendly/for all ages, and as theatrical as can be, yet also mixing in the more high end glamorous elements with bold confidence and extravagance. I consider my primary music genre to be "princessy avant-garde electropop". A cool fact about me is that I ALWAYS wear a crown or tiara because I am a real-life princess! My family’s ancestry is linked to royals in Europe. I also primarily have peach hair {because it's my favorite color}! You can call me the Peachy Princess Pop Star!
:·。໒꒰ྀི´ ˘ ` ꒱ྀིა。.·:
I am committed to my music career with myself working 8-10 {sometimes 12} hours a day devotedly and passionately. I make sure to keep my mind always focused on my goals/progress! Whether I'm producing a new song, singing while running to strengthen my voice, handling the legalities on my own, designing stage costumes, writing books, or studying the industry: I strive to build a powerful worldwide legacy career. My goal in life is to create new global change with my music: I want to make the world smile! I’m also a dual-language musical artist: I have songs in full Spanish, and am working to become fluent. I can also sing in 12 languages + every genre! My vision is truly a world vision, and I hope to reach every continent with smiles and music that touches every heart.
Go check out the links and sections below and cheer me on, luv puffs!

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What Makes You Famous - KeysDAN / Radio WHAT? {Video Ver.}
{Arkansas, USA}:

Shine A Light In The Dark
{Texas, USA}

{London, UK}:

My Indie Radio
{Paris, FRA}:

The Monthly Social - The Path Radio
{Toronto, Canada}

The Rundown New Music Chart {Voice over reading the top 20 chart in London with hosts}
{Scotland, UK}:

The Hot 5 {May 24} - Pod Duck
{London, UK}



Since May 2022 {my release of "Zhoosh It Up!" marked the moment I started truly pursuing my career}, I have been on the charts for a total of 60+ weeks with 7 singles across charts from London, Toronto, and New York City.Under the different songs as you scroll down, you can see where they charted and how many weeks they were on.

released September 9th, 2023
"Last Surprise"

Maeve De Voe just released her grandest masterpiece yet: a cover of Persona 5's "Last Surprise", featuring her vocal strong suit of jazz and freestyle scatting.
Mixed by: Maeve De Voe
Vocals: Maeve De Voe
Artwork by: Heather Kelliher


"Last Surprise" CHARTING:Prospect Radio 1
"Top 20 Charts" - London, UK
Sept. 17th - #4
Sept. 24th - #2
Oct. 1st - #4
Oct. 8th - #11
Oct. 15th - #17
༻º♡º༺LDM Radio
"Top 10 Charts" - New York City
Oct. 8th - #7
Oct. 15th -#8
Oct. 22nd - #9
"Top 50 Monthly Songs - September"
Sept. 30th - #45
"Top 50 Monthly Songs - October"
Nov. 1st - #8

released March 9th, 2023
"Car Radio
(feat. Graham Hart)"
The perfect song for spring/summer break. A chill relaxed pop song between two lovers. Life is stressful, but at least we have each other to keep us centered. The sunset looking out to the beach while chilling in your car listening to the radio, the view of the stars slowly starting to show..."everything in life cannot go right, but at least I've got somebody by my side".💜❤️🧡💛☀️✨🔥🌊🚗🏝⛵️🚦⛱🌅💿🌇
Mixed by: Maeve De Voe
Vocals: Maeve De Voe, Graham Hart
Composed/Produced By: Matthew May
Lyrics By: Graham Hart, Maeve De Voe
Artwork by: Katze Art

"Car Radio" CHARTING:Prospect Radio 1
"Top 20 Charts" - London, UK
March 19th - #4
March 26th - #2
April 2nd - #2
April 9th - #6
April 16th - #15
Path Radio
"Top 20 Charts" - Toronto, CA
June 11 - #18
June 18 - #15
June 25th - #10
July 2nd - #9
July 9th - #9
July 16th - #6
July 23rd - #6
July 30th - #6
Aug. 6th - #4
Aug. 13th - #4
Aug. 20th - #4
Aug. 27th - #3
Sept. 3rd - #3
Sept. 10th - $4
Sept. 17th - #4
Sept. 24th - #9
Oct. 1st - #12
Oct. 8th - #16
Oct. 15th - #16
Oct. 22nd - #16
Oct. 29th - #16

"Big Time"
Feat. Rick James, Maeve De Voe brings back a funk classic to get the world dancing! Check out the homemade funktastic lyric video for an early 80's inspired trip of Fun Wave!
Mixed by: Maeve De Voe
Vocals: Maeve De Voe, Rick James
Artwork by: Maeve De Voe

"Big Time" CHARTING:Prospect Radio 1
"Top 20 Charts" - London, UK
Jan. 29th - #6
Feb. 5th - #4
Feb. 12th - #3
Feb. 19th - #3
Feb. 26 - #3
March 5th - #8
March 12th - #15

Check out this early '80s look I did for a photoshoot to promote "Big Time"! I got my makeup done by a professional makeup artist from the '80s!

I released by BEST SONG I'VE EVER PRODUCED to ALL streaming services and platforms!! "Li'l Drummer Boy" is OUT!
A traditional song turned into a massive global dance hit sings about sharing the gifts you have with the world even if it's one small thing. A song about giving your all no matter what situation you may be in. Happy Holidays from Princess Maeve De Voe! 🥁❤️🤍🎄❄️🌨️🎁🎉💥✨🌟🎧🎼🎶🎅🏻☃️🧣🤴🏻
Mixed by: Phil Joly
Vocals: Maeve De Voe
Composed/Produced By: Maeve De Voe
Lyrics By: Katherine Kennicott Davis, Maeve De Voe
Artwork by: Katze Art

2023 "Li'l Drummer Boy" CHARTING:"Li'l Drummer Boy" was very successful with only a short amount of promotional time.Prospect Radio 1
"Top 20 Charts" - London, UK
Dec. 11th - #12
Dec. 18th - #13
Dec. 25th - #13
Jan. 1st - #14
- This song was also featured on the podcast "WOAFM99 Christmas Special Part 3: Certified Indie Songs of the Week - S22 E205".
- #1 iTunes podcast "Women of Substance - S1 E1, 417".
- "The Lynda Law Show" featured the song on her Christmas show Dec 22nd.
"Li'l Drummer Boy" is STILL to this day being played in Paris, FRA even out of season.

"Li'l Drummer Boy" was also featured on a successful holiday compilation album with WOA Entertainment named "Independent No. 1's: Christmas Special, Vol. 8 -
Various Artists". With such a short time window for it to chart {due to it releasing on Dec 1st, and the Christmas season already almost over}, the album hit the Amazon UK music charts the DAY OF RELEASE! Here's the rundown of how it charted on the Amazon UK Compilation Album Charts:
12/1: #14 to #3
12/2: #3 to #4
12/3: #4 to #73
12/4: #96 to #94
12/5: #15 to #19
iTunes UK Album Charts
12/8: #1
12/25: #2 to #1

Go check out my BEST electro-pop song called "Zhoosh It Up!" A story of a shy girl who decides to finally be herself and accept that she loves the glamorous life! Always remember to Zhoosh It Up! ™️{Update Aug. 31: Thank you SO MUCH for over 11K views on my lyric video! I worked so hard on it!}Mixed by: Phil Joly
Vocals: Maeve De Voe
Composed/Produced By: Maeve De Voe
Lyrics By: Maeve De Voe
Artwork by: Maeve De Voe

"Zhoosh It Up!" CHARTING:Prospect Radio 1
"Top 20 Charts" - London, UK
3 days after release - #13
May 31st - #6
June 5th - #3
June 12th - #2
June 19th - #7
June 26th - #17
July 3rd - #20
༻º♡º༺"Zhoosh It Up!" also debuted on the Lynda Law Show on August 18th.༻º♡º༺"Zhoosh It Up!" has aired on the #1 iTunes podcast "Women of Substance" on November 18th episode #1415 including a short introduction of artist Maeve De Voe.

My two singles "I'm Different" and "Soy Diferente" are available on all platforms! 🌈☀️☁️ "I'm Different" is my rainbow to the world! A song about my life story, standing up to bullying, self love, accepting others, and spreading love in both English and Spanish! Let's make the world smile together!! 💌💕Mixed by: Phil Joly
Vocals: Maeve De Voe
Composed/Produced By: Maeve De Voe
Lyrics By: Maeve De Voe
Artwork by: Fulton Hobbs

Watch the lyric videos to "I'm Different" + “Soy Diferente” so we can sing them together!

"Ah, the loveliness of luxuries." A self composed album by then 16-year-old Maeve De Voe musically talking of the elegant life. Inspired by starting college in her teens and singing classical music in choir {plus studying classical composers in general}, Maeve felt drawn to compose her own melodies of her heart's deepest desires and fantasy land of her own. 💗{Oh, but this castle scenery has a deeper story...maybe it will tie in somehow to another release...} All tracks 01-09 are uploaded on my channel, including a video of the FULL album! 🦢🏰⛲️☁️💌✨👑🩰🤍🎠🍰
___Lore ___
Who is la princesse de nuages (The princess of the clouds)? Decadence seems as if it's not just about sweets, but...a whole kingdom made of...sweets?! Grandeur is about a special fiery prince... The knockout rose might seem as if it's a rose made of beautiful crystal...but why do I see the shape of wings? Oh, but the princess' swan has a grateful heart it cannot speak of...of course not in front of humans (maybe a small bear?)
Mixed by: Maeve De Voe
Composed/Produced By: Maeve De Voe
Artwork by: Tea Galaxy Art

I released a pop rock cover single from Disney's "Lemonade Mouth" called "Determinate" feat. Mocha & Edyn! Go check out my VERY FIRST ever collab!! ⚡️⛈🌟🎸🎤🎆🌌🍋📢Mixed by: Maeve De Voe
Vocals: Maeve De Voe, Eden, Mocha/Keira Bat
Artwork by: Maeve De Voe

"Determinate" CHARTING:Prospect Radio 1
"Top 20 Charts" - London/UK at
Sept. 4th - #16
Sept. 11th - #5
Sept. 18th - #4
Sept. 25th - #4
Oct. 2nd - #4
Oct. 9th - #19
Multiple Disney Instagram accounts also took a glance at multiple Instagram stories of mine with "Determinate!" being promoted!

Go listen to my cover single "What You Waiting For?" originally sung by Gwen Stefani! A story about a girl dealing with writer's block, and trying to figure life out as a celebrity❤️🤍🖤🐰🫖🌿🌳🌹♠️♣️♥️♦️🃏Mixed by: Maeve De Voe
Vocals: Maeve De Voe
Artwork by: Maeve De Voe

"What You Waiting For?" CHARTING:Prospect Radio 1
"Top 20 Charts" - London, UK
July 17th - #20
July 24th - #2
July 31st - #2
August 7th - #6
August 14th - #13

My YouTube channel, “Maeve De Voe”, is a fun place where I do videos interacting with my followers, post music, talk more about myself and my princess lifestyle, and more! I have so many fun ideas for everyone to enjoy with me! Go check it out so you can be in my future videos!🌈☀️☁️💗👑🍑💌

Here's a few photos of me! 🥰🌈☀️👑🍑💌

Check out my newly designed merch!
I create all of my merch designs, and try to make them as affordable as possible for my fans/followers! Become a part of Team Peach, join Princess University, rep your favorite song artwork, or show your peachy princess aesthetic!

I also have my merch available for free on Animal Crossing New Horizons!
Creator ID:

Mixing Commissions

You can also pay me to mix music for you! The rates depend on how complex the song is, but my standard rate is around $50!
Vocal tracks + Instrumental: $30-$50
Two or more people + Instrumental: $50-70
{$70 is only if there's like 5+ vocalists and a real long song haha}
Vocals + Original Music {Each instrument track}: $70-$100
{If needed, I can negotiate prices}
Some examples of my mixing are:

If you'd like to hear way more examples, I can email you pieces that are unreleased and professionally mixed by myself. I mixed my singles "What You Waiting For?" and "Determinate" but I disregard those due to how that was my first official mixing attempts {they're a lil painful to listen to now that I've studied LOL}. I have trained and learned SO MANY THINGS SINCE THEN! 😻 So, I do implore you to reach out to me for more amazing recent examples!
I use PayPal and Venmo. I'd love a time frame of when you'd need the song by, and I always supply and acapella and an instrumental along with the song. If you're performing live or plan to, I will make a "live instrumental" where backing vocals are signing along with you {kinda like a karaoke track}.
I would really appreciate your support, and I'd love to support you! I am a very small independent artist, so working with me would support a small creator! Email me, DM me on social media {I am most active on Instagram legit 24/7}, and let's make the world smile! (/^ ω -)ノ ♡*:・。.

I love cosplaying! It reminds me a lot of my time in Musical Theatre being able to get in character and perform! When I go to cosplay conventions, I sing and dance at panels, and I never break character! It’s also so much fun to make costumes and style wigs!🌈 I also have an entire separate account on Instagram and YouTube just for my Fluttershy from My Little Pony cosplay! Here are a few of my best cosplays!

I have been featured in “Cosplay Magazine”: a worldwide magazine featuring select cosplayers around the globe.
I hand created my “Golden Goddess” cosplay for character “Fluttershy”, and won the cosplay contest for the entire convention of “Harmony Con 2019” in Dallas, TX.